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Monday, September 24th, 2012

Canadian Gold Coins

While gold prices are important in the scheme of things, trading gold coins is also important; at least to collectors. One of the most popular gold coins for trading and investing in is the Gold Canadian Maple. It was first made in the year 1979 and added to the list of circulated coins ten years later, before the American Eagle gold coin was produced. Because of this, the Canadian Maple is a staple when it comes to gold prices for collectors. It is something that every collector wants in his or her collection.

The Canadian Maple has a few different variations and some releases that were commemorative. There is even a rare one million dollar Canadian Maple. Only five were made so that makes this coin ultra-high as far as gold prices go. There were also some two hundred dollar Maple coins that were made between the years 2007 and 2009 which are also quite valuable.

For those who wish to build a gold collection, the Canadian Maple is a great place to begin collecting. They are fairly affordable mostly due to the fact that they are massively minted every year. The majority of basic Maple coins cost about ten dollars on spot. These are gold prices that we can all afford! The best coins for collectors are those with a short production or those containing minting errors. Gold prices for coins with mistakes on them are worth even more so keep an eye out for any errors! If you have a bit more money to invest in your collection, go with a Proof Maple Leaf coin. These are most popular for collectors and the gold prices for these are about $200 on spot. These coins are made of higher quality gold and are nicer looking than the others. Aside from collecting, they also have investment potential as well.

If you are looking to buy Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, there is no better place to search then online. This coin is number two in abundance online which the American Eagle coming in first place. Ordering gold coins online may even get you a discounted price if you buy in bulk. Purchasing tubes of these coins takes a significant amount off of your total purchase price. A tube contains twenty coins. Maybe one of them has a mistake on them! Make sure you go to a reputable site though as many people have no problem selling buyers fake gold coins. A skilled collector will know the difference right away, but a novice may find out the hard way.

Since this coin was made, its design has stayed pretty much the same. It is a reverse coin that has a maple leaf on the front and “Canada” printed on the back. Some of them have a picture of Queen Elizabeth the second. This coin is not the only specialized gold coin. Many countries have their own gold coin design. Check out what’s hot for collectors and the gold prices before making your collection choices!