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Monday, September 24th, 2012

The Many Uses of Gold

While the price of gold has gone up and down since its value was first discovered, this precious metal has been put to use for many different reasons. Gold has been used in jewelry, dental parts, computers, glass, gilding, awards, finances, electronics, medical items, and in the technology used in aerosciences. When it comes to all of these things, especially medical uses, can a tag really be put on the price of gold? It has been a part of so many vitally important things in our history!

Out of all the minerals that our planets have given so freely to us, as of yet there has been nothing found that equals the usefulness of gold. Gold never tarnishes, it will conduct electricity, and it is simple to work with. It can be molded into any shape, it can be put into wire, and it has a beautiful color with a vibrant luster. Over the history of the world, gold has been used to show power and today, the most significant things in our lives are gold; things such as wedding rings, money, and the awards given out in Hollywood! Since gold stands for power in the eyes of so many people, the price of gold has always been quite high; at least to the majority of people.

The price of gold is too costly for it to simply be used by chance. Instead, gold is used in a deliberate manner and only when other less costly substitutes cannot be found or will not hold up well enough. Because of this, once a specific use is found for gold it is rate that another metal will be used in its place. What this means is that the amount of things that gold can be used for has been on the increase year after year. The majority of ways in which gold can be used these days has been created over the last twenty or thirty years. With the price of gold what it is, this is a trend that we will probably see continue as the years pass. There are very few substitutes and an extremely limited god supply that will end up causing the important and value of gold to steadily increase over a steady period of time. If you add in the ever growing demand for this precious metal, it will be plain to see that gold is truly what the future is all about.

Even as a thing of now and the future, since the price of gold is holding steady at higher prices, companies are forever searching for ways to lessen the required amount of gold that is needed to make a specific object or at the very least, replace it with a cheaper metal that has some qualities of gold. The most commonly used metals in the place of gold are silver and platinum. They have many of the same properties and by using these companies get things done for cheaper as they are not worrying about the price of gold.